I saw her dog before I saw her. He is called Walter, rather an usual name for a dog. He is an old dachshund with a very interesting and amusing character. Walter was sitting in the grass as I came round the corner and he had no intention of moving from his elected place. He was obviously enjoying the green grass and the sun.


Before I got a chance to take a picture of him he came over to me wagging his tail as he walked. Oh well, perhaps another time I thought. I just took this picture of him looking up to me. I know you shouldn’t do so, but his looked touched me and it is how I saw from above.


The old lady lives opposite us. This morning, after having bought the Sunday rolls, I thought I’d cross the road and say hello. As she is a little deaf – one of the banes of being well over 85 – I thought it better to speak to her face to face.


We know little about her. As long as we have lived here, meanwhile almost eight years, we have seen her almost daily walking the dog or going shopping. We’ve chatted a little, A few years ago I even took pictures of them both. I am not even sure where she comes from.


The lady has a very striking colour sense. Her clothes are shrill, but that is the privilege of the old!


To judge by her Franconian dialect – she must be reasonably local. It is not for the faint of heart but after almost thirty years in Germany, I understand her without any problems.

She sighed and asked me which of two would go first, she or her dog.? “We don’t live forever”, she remarked. I smiled, shrugged my shoulders as I didn’t know anything sensible to say to her. She then announced that the two were now going to enjoy their breakfast and went inside.