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I am one of those people who still shoots film. Although I don’t do so every day, I have spent most of my adult life using film cameras and not digital ones.

One very nice aspect of many digital cameras is the ability to put an adapter on to an old lens and use it on a digital camera. Having done this many times, I must say that I am often impressed by the results and in some cases you can save yourself a fortune by (re)using old glass. Regardless of how good or bad the camera is behind the lens, generally the lens itself is the most decisive part of any camera.

On such lens is the Russian Helios 44M-7. My version originates from 1993 and I bought it as a possible portrait lens.


The above picture is of a colleague who I press ganged into taking his picture. I positioned him with his face to the window and stopped the lens down to just f2.8. The shutter speed was 1/125 and the ISO came in at 1600 ASA.  OK, this is not a portrait where every detail of the picture has been thought out. It was just a quick and dirty test of the lens.

I am very happy with the result. I will certainly be using this lens for future portraits.

Below are a few more test shots. Better ones will come.