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This is a rant, if not a very long one.

Most of my photos are taken on walks. For instance, I usually do not take the short way home but walk the long way round to see whether there is anything worth photographing.

A couple of days ago I got into a conversation with some of the locals in the village. Seeing me with a camera in the hand, they joked about wanting their pictures being taken. They also wanted to know whether I was an estate agent looking for properties. Estate agents are not the most popular of people here. They earn an enormous amount of money for very little work. For instance, they get 2.38 months of rent from the tenant when they procure a flat for them. In many people’s eyes estate agents come a little above cockroaches in the order of things.

I was more than happy to show that I didn’t belong to this fraternity by showing them the pictures I had been taking. Staying on the subject, they told me about a large landowner who is in the process of letting places rot rather than renting them out. They told me of a couple of cases. The picture above is one of these lovely wooden houses that is currently being demolished. Seemingly, and not only here, a new small house will be built in its place.