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I usually carry a film camera with me in addition to a digital one. Of course the digital camera is more immediate – you can see straight away what you have taken. Film is different – even if I can have a C41 film developed in the city in under an hour.

A couple of days ago I took one of my rangefinders with me – a Voigtländer R2A. It is a fun camera to use. It may night be the quietest but it is certainly inconspicuous. Time and time again I take pictures unnoticed. It is not that I always want it that way, it is just that it happens.

A few days ago I took one of my standard walks round town. Street photography, my favourite, is always full of surprises. You never know what you are going to see.

My first picture is of a man reading his post and smoking a cigarette in front of his flat at the same time. The amusing part of the photo is that both the man reading the post and the mannequins in the shop window are bald. Nice.


The second picture is also of a man on his own – a busker – without an audience.


Finally, the loneliness of the long distance mobile phone user. You see so many people, especially young people walking around staring into their mobiles and at the same time completely obvious to their surroundings. A while back I experienced a woman at the railway station that walked into a sign. It would have been worthy of a picture …